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10 best games like Dordle


In this Chessguessr game, you will see how the game is going. Find out what the next five steps are.

How to join
On a 5x5 table, all movements will be shown. Your goal is simple: move the piece you are holding five times to the position you think is correct.

You can change the move whenever you want. Remember that you will move with one color first, then the other, just like on a real chessboard. You simply give your idea at the end of a series of steps and the system responds with a swatch that looks like Wordle.

Matching moves will be shown in green and in the correct order to start. If a move is yellow, it means that the move is correct but not made in the correct order. Finally, the red color shows that both the action and the order are wrong. You may have to change your tiles up to five times before all the squares are green and the game is over.

Have fun and all the best!

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