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Participate in Carle's word-guessing challenge. This is a twist on the popular word game Wordle, in which participants must identify a secret word in six attempts. Color indications help you narrow down and deduce the actual hidden word. The game allows participants to practice their language and logic skills. Have fun!

How to play

This game features a unique interface that differs from standard word games. However, the gameplay is similar to Wordle; your goal is to make six predictions regarding the secret word. Each attempt is a valid five-letter word. After submitting a word, the game will provide feedback on the level of accuracy by altering the box color.

The correct positioning of the letter is indicated by a green box.
If the box turns yellow, the letter is correct but not in the proper position.
If the cell goes gray, the letter is incorrect and will not display in the word.
Use the color of the box to make an analysis and logical deductions that will help you predict the hidden word more accurately. This allows you to remove erroneous choices while steadily improving your ability to guess the hidden word. Invite your friends to join and compete to see who can discover the hidden word the fastest.

If you enjoy this game and are ready for a new challenge, try Foxdle. Have fun!

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