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Blondle is a six-letter word that Taylor Swift made popular. The rules of this game are the same as the original Wordle. The player must guess the six-letter word in six guesses or less, with no hints at the beginning. The only difference is that the words for Blondle have something to do with Taylor Swift.

How to do it

To find a word, try to guess the first six-letter word and type it in the row where you started typing. Now you know that the first word you hear has to do with three colors: yellow, green, and gray. The letter's green color shows that it is in the right place. Yellow means it's in the word, but it's in the wrong place. Gray letters are ones that don't belong to the word. Fill in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday based on the question. On average, it takes six tries to find each Blondle word of the day. The answer could be one of Taylor Swift's favorite cities or some interesting facts about Taylor Swift.

Every day at midnight, a new daily task is given, and participants have 24 hours to finish it. Plus, there are different levels, so it can be hard for everyone. So why not give Blondle a try now?

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