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Biblicle is a daily crossword puzzle game with a biblical theme. This will be an interesting entertainment option for Christian players. You can test your knowledge with the terms found in the Bible's priceless pages. Prepare for the most unusual discoveries and obtain the proper answers every day.

The famous game Wordle inspired Biblicle, which retains many of its features. The player's goal is to correctly complete the five-letter crossword in six attempts. Players must correctly complete the five-letter crossword in six attempts using any word found in the English-language Bible. The hue of the tiles will be a significant indication of getting closer to the right answer.

Find the hidden word.

Players can input their answers by clicking on the text fields on the screen or typing the corresponding key on the keyboard to combine words. To be recognized and provided with feedback, your choices must have a meaningful meaning.

After pressing Enter, Biblicle will transform the tile colors to three primary hues: green, yellow, and gray. To link clues, players use letters from the green and yellow tiles. At the same time, you should delete the characters from the gray box because they are incorrect.

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