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Antiwordle's point is not to guess the word of the day, this is different from Wordle which makes you guess the correct answer for one word per day. You can guess as much as you want on Antiwordle and it gives you a new challenge every day.

Antiwordle's rules
Only Daily Antiwordle mode is available. In this game, it is hard to guess the word of the day when you are given it. You cannot use letters that are already used in Antiwordle, so you must arrange them yourself in the correct order. Today, it is difficult to guess the hidden word because of this.

If you solve the puzzle, the game will tell you how long it took you and how many times you tried. When done, you can share it on your social networks.

When a red letter is in the correct position, you must place the next word starting with that letter in that position.
If the letter is yellow, you must use it in the next word, not in the same place as the first word.

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