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10 best games like Dordle

Angle Wordle

The Angle Game is easy to learn and fun to play. In this math challenge, you only have four chances to guess a certain math process. If you win, the game not only tells you how well you did but also how much time you have until the next task and what you tried. And, of course, you can use social media to share your success.

You can play once a day and tell your friends about it.
This daily game, which is like Wordle, has taken the internet by storm because it is easy to play and everyone gets the same four chances every day. The catch is that you can't play again for 24 hours if you figure out how to do the secret math problem. The Angle Game is made to be a daily task that you can't stop playing on purpose.

Take on the problem.
The Angle Game is more than just a math game; it is also a daily test of your math skills. Can you solve the puzzle and crack the code in four tries? Jump into the Angle Game world and tell your friends about your math successes.

How to play

Using mouse.

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