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It's time to play the online game Alphabeticle, in which you try to guess words. You have to guess the secret word to win this game. If you write the secret word, you'll know whether a word comes before or after it in the alphabet. Don't stop thinking until you're almost there.

Things to do for fun
You get five tries to figure out the four-letter word in the Alphabeticle. You can only guess with four-letter words. Here is a list of words that are often used in our language. Depending on how you think the alphabet is set up, each box will be checked to show which letter will be there.

You can play with the numbers in two ways. Every day, everyone in "One a Day" has to figure out the same secret word. "Continuous Play" will give you a secret word to guess at random, and you can play that word as many times as you want each day. The secret word won't be the same for each player.

Last, you can choose between Easy and Normal modes. In Easy mode, between your guess and the hidden word, any right first letter will show up, but not in Normal mode. You can switch modes by clicking the button below or by going to the Info page.

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