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Discover and create your own secret words in AEIO. A game inspired by the popular word-guessing game Wordle, but with new and original gameplay. Players must locate a secret word and design their own wordle. Try to correctly guess the five-letter secret word. Have fun!

How to play

In this game, you must guess the five-letter secret word in six trials. In addition, the game lets you make your own Wordle. If you already have secret word suggestions, type them into the box and submit them. The game will then respond to the word's accuracy by changing the color of the box.

If green, the letter is in the correct spot.
If yellow: right letter, but incorrect position.
Gray indicates that the letter does not occur in the word.
Use this suggestion to draw conclusions and narrow down the options for the hidden word. From there, come up with the correct secret word in as few attempts as feasible. Invite your buddies to play and reason together. The game is an excellent place to develop your word-guessing skills.

If you enjoyed this game and want more word-guessing challenges, check out our Wordleverse collection. Have fun!


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