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Wordle is a well-known word game, but 6by6 takes that idea and makes it even better. In 6by6, you will have six chances to identify a six-letter word, and we will inform you after each guess. You are right either way. Compared to Wordle, it's hard to play 6 Letters. Use 6-letter terms that ask your brain to think differently to fill in the holes. This common word game has simple rules, just like Wordle.

The word can be guessed six times.
For each guess, a valid 6-letter word must be provided.
Press the "Enter" key to send.

The color of the cells will indicate how close you are to the correct answer with each guess. If the letter is still gray when it is written, it is not considered for the phrase and you are free to exclude any words you could associate with it. The letter you're writing isn't in the proper spot, but it's a part of a hidden word if it becomes yellow. You are on the right path and have the right letter in the right location if the written letter becomes green. Now it's up to you to make all of them blue in one guess.

To win, you must first guess a six-letter word right. Try to get all the vowels in your first two guesses, like "bateau" and "lan," to make the game easier. If you start writing a new word but then realize you made a mistake, you can erase the letters you've already written by pressing "backspace." Every day, a new word will be added. A fantastic time!

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