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5pace6ar tests your word-guessing and thinking abilities even more. A variant of the Wordle game invites players to guess a hidden 6-letter word. However, you must reason from terms containing five letters and a space. This is an excellent game that will keep players entertained for hours without becoming bored.

How to play

In this game, your goal is to infer and use five-letter words to gather enough information to guess the final six-letter secret word. It's worth noting that each time you predict a five-letter word, there will be a space. Put it wherever you wish on the board. After submitting your guess, the game will display the result in the color of the crossword. However, don't rush to provide the answer to the secret word with the last six letters, because if you don't have enough information, you may guess incorrectly.


The letter A is the fourth letter of the secret word; K, P, and R are absent; and the letter S is present despite not being the initial letter.


This just means that RIPPLE is not the secret word.

If you want a more challenging version of the standard word-guessing game, try Worwordle Plus. Enjoy!

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